Teddy  Delaroque

Recognized International Artist: by Akoun and Artprice
Lamborghini partners since July 7, 2019




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Teddy Delaroque  Biography

Teddy Delaroque was born on May 29, 1970 in Armentières in the North of France. He grew up in an artistic family: his father was a stone carver
in historic monuments, while his mother was a drawing teacher at the Beaux Arts.
From a very young age, his mother taught him drawing, he filled booklets with drawings in shimmering colors, his mother would refer him and advise him in his
At the age of 18, he worked in historical monuments with his father and in particular in carving and stone sculpture. He restored many places
in Old Lille. In addition to his work, he follows design courses.
In his spare time, he wanders through art galleries and museums. He practices his art alone, always out of sight, as if out of fear of revealing his works. he
works for many people in decoration and architecture which will lead him to travel a lot for his work. It’s finally in
furnishing as it finds its way.
These works, whose themes are varied, are inspired by the many trips he made around the world as part of his work. It soaks up
customs and folklore of the countries visited, in particular Asia and Africa. He has great admiration and inspiration from the famous artists Kandisky and Picasso. he
uses his childhood sketchbooks, which showcase the shimmering colors.
It was from 2005 that he decided to produce a few works in addition to his work. This work is sold little at the start. In 2013 he divorced his wife,
separates from his family and his 2 sons, a painful ordeal which will cause him a huge shock which will project him into a new inspiration. And it was in 2015 that a gallery in Monaco discovered him and signed a contract with him, and it was on entering this gallery that clients from around the world discovered him, and it was there that his meteoric rise began, in the sale of his works, and magazines around the world talk about him, in some magazine he even places him next to big names like le corbusier etc, and it was in August 2016 that he declared international artist , by artprice, and akoun, in 2018 he and spotted by a countess from Mexico very good friends of Fabio Lamborghini who talks about him and starts to follow him 1 year and after 1 year he contacts him on May 1, 2019 and officially becomes a Lamborghini partner July 7, 2019, this is how he joined the Lamborghini family on July 7, 2019 and at the same time he continued this exceptional creation,