Teddy Delaroque

recognized International Artist by Akoun & Artprice
     Designer, Painter, Sculptor
     Lamborghini partners since July 7, 2019

here is some press article.
that I was informed.
there are some that I am not and others that I am not.
otherwise the quantity would be too large.

radio interview. in Cannes February 2020

i.nterview radi0.o0. canne  

February 18, 2020 in Midi Libre web

reportage de teddy delaroque dans midi libre

article written byC. L et thierry Martin

interview midi libre fevrier 2019

February 19, 2020 in Objectif gard magazine

Tony Duret / Objectif Gard


dans le magazine objectifgard

February 19, 2020 in Midi journal
dans le midi libre en 1er et 2eme page du jarnal

September 2019 passage in the Lamborghini Bull Days magazine in double page page 2 and 3 (Lamborghini Bull Days International Magazine)

  • double pages dans le magazine lamborghini bullsday page 2 et 3

Interview on July 29, 2019 by Midi Libre Passage en Presse on August 4, 2019

interview avec midi libre

Midi Libre 4 aout 2019

link  midi libre :  https://www.midilibre.fr/2019/07/25/ales-le-fauteuil-mask-de-delaroque-expose-au-pole-culturel,8330768.php

Midi Libre on July 26, 2019

midi libre juillet 2019

midi libre 26 juillet

on this occasion Rachel Bocelli the niece of Andrea Bocelli. it was to dress with this sublime gold color dress to pay homage to my sculpture. Thanks Rachel

with the Andrea Bocelli family summer 2019

In the field: Andrea Bocelli in Tuscany (Italy)

Rachel Bocelli

avec la famille Andrea Bocelli

installation of the Sculpture in the Andrea Bocelli Estate summer 2019

reception de ma sculpture dans le domaine Andrea Bocelli

 July 7, 2019 is this occasion of the Bull Day Lamborghini 2019 gala

that I am officially declared a Lamborghini Partner.

and that I entered the Lamborghini Legend

Photo with Fabio Lamborghini

Arriver a l'usine Lamborghini le 11 juillet 2019

a Sant'Agata en Bolognese Italie

Fabio Lamborghini et Teddy delaroque

partenaire Lamborghini

a l'usine Lamborghini

some small videos of the Lamborghini gala July 7, 2019 Tuscany Italy


   Circle vip casa production (Production, audiovisual production) May 24, 2018

cercle vip casa production

casa production nimes

in August 2017

parution dans  secret de style magazine (Italie)

en double page au centre page 36&37

secret style

secret style

   presentation of my armchairs at the Monaco Art Gallery

galerie de Monaco Monaco

November 2016

Honorary diploma received by the Terre Medicee ITALY foundation

Michelangelo Museum Italy

was exposed to the museum this armchair


fauteuil alger

NOVEMBER 29, 2016

  publication in the magazine L'ARCA international


arca international

  •  2 of my works in the magazine

    lv magazine official November 2016 (Russian magazine)


  • l'officiel  magazine

    l'officiel mag


 little pose for julia kollbrunner italian top model

in one of my creations.

at the Golden Square Gallery of Monaco

julia kollbrunner julia kollbrunner

Magazine 3D Italie

  • magazine 3d italie
magazine 3d italie

  • when magazine 3 d reports on my armchair and marks my name Teddy Delaroque like Le Corbusier, Van Der Rohe, knoll ect it's nice

magazine 3d italie


Recognized international artist: by Akoun & Artprice


Gallery of Monaco


Présent dans OOB 100% Beauty(Magazine summer 2016)

article posté le 19 aout 2016( naira) Par Hermine Bjorkmman


ooboob magazine

 In Paris Match next to Arthur presenter TF1

Gallery of Monaco


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