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Official ModelsTeddy Delaroque.Paris

In shooting for the perfume Intense N ° 1 by Teddy Delaroque Paris

Teddy Delaroque with his models eva umienzka for the launch of his most expensive perfume in the world Teddy Delaroque with his eva umienzka models for the launch of his perfume Intense N ° 1 among the most expensive in the world Teddy Delaroque with his eva umienzka models for the launch of his Intense N ° 1 perfume and this Twister Gold 24 Karat bottle among the most expensive in the world

Outdoor shooting

Eva avec Teddy Delaroque

Eva Modeles Teddy Delaroque

    Weight 55 kilos / Height 1.70
Measurements: 85 cm / 66 cm / 93 cm
Tailor 40/42 / S
Shoe size: 38.5
Eye color: green
Hair color: black
Age: 34 years old
Languages: English / Italian / Polish / French                                        

Biography Eva  Official Model Teddy Delaroque Paris

Born of an Italian mother and a Polish father who worked in the artistic field. Curious and dreamy, sunny, open to the world and sociable. She has dreamed since childhood of being on the front of the stage.

In love with the scene since a young age. Theater, photos, parades. Eva has been able to adapt to all situations and acquire a more spiritual and empathetic personality.

Always in search of perfection and positive thoughts. Very optimistic, she likes to surround herself with respectful people. She studied theater and modeling in Milan as well as in Bologna. In different studios, collaborations have sprouted with designers. His interest turned to the world of the stage. For her, being a model means experiencing new emotions and representing an ever-changing fashion.

Eva joins the Flatine Group Fashion model agency in 2020, and then joins the Milan Models Academy in 2021, with the aim of always improving herself.

On May 28, 2021, Teddy Delaroque haunted her on social networks, and offered her a partnership during a parade in Milan, June 13, 2021

On June 14, 2021, the designer signs a contract with the model. She then becomes an Official and exclusive Teddy Delaroque Paris model.

Eva  at the Lamborghini Bulldays Gala

July 3, 2021 in Toscana with Teddy Delaroque and Fabio Lamborghini

Teddy Delaroque et Fabio Lamborghini Fauteuil Teddy delaroque.paris avec Fabio Lamborghini

excerpt from a photo shoot for Bulldays Lamborghini (OFFICIAL PHOTO STUDIO TEDDY DELAROQUE .PARIS (inlucefotostudio Milan)

eva et moi

shooting photos Studio (inlucefotostudio Milan) for Bulldays Montecarlo


photo shoot

photo shoot

shooting Paris For Teddy Delaroque.Paris

shooting Paris For Teddy Delaroque.Paris

Shooting Motta di Livenza (italie) For Venetia Communication


Motta di Livenza

interview d'Eva du 27 juillet 2021

interview eva umienzka et teddy delaroque

Fashion show video Eva on June 13, 2021 where she was selected to be

                                  Official Models Teddy Delaroque Paris

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