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Collector's Edition Twister Gold Black with its Intense N ° 1 fragrance



Intense Perfume N ° 1

Fragrance: Floral / Amber / Powdery "Life, Love"

Intense Perfume N ° 1 with the bottle Twister Gold Black 02/100

The bottle is hand carved in 24K Gold.

Perfume pump to screw on the bottle.

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Intense Perfume N ° 1

Fragrance: Floral / Amber / Powdery "Life, Love"

The box contains two bottles of 100 ml:

- A luxury bottle of Twister Gold Black 02/100 Or 24 Carats for the Intense N ° 1 perfume, hand-sculpted glass bottle.

Bottle format: Height approximately 25.5 cm Diameter 9.5 cm

You can also use the supplied perfume pump, ready to screw onto the luxury bottle.

- Another traditional Intense N ° 1 bottle, for your daily use.

The Intense N ° 1 perfume is sold exclusively in a box.

The traditional bottle is sold separately, provided you have already purchased the box.

Comes with certificate of authenticity, plus a copy of the international deposit registered by a bailiff, which covers 171 countries around the world.

Price from France.

Collector's model: Twister Gold Black 02/100 in limited series.

Each set is numbered.

Twister Gold Black 02/100